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She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands...

Proverbs 31:13

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Nancy's Tips

All tips are copyrighted by Nancy S. In Wis and may not be used or reproduced without permission. 

Nancy also offers her sewing knowledge and expertise to all at Memory Craft Sewing Club.  You need not have a Janome Machine to join and benefit from the group activities. 

Get Acquainted w/Your Machine How Wide is Your Seam? Home Dec Economics
Taking care of your best friends It's Your Call! Sweatless Coasters Part 2
To test or not, that is the question Let there Be Light Kwik Put Away
Whatta ya gonna do with those samples and tests Hit a Bull's-Eye with your Darts Good Old Days???
Fabric frenzy Serge Ahead How Long
The numbers game Pity the Pattern Basically Sewing
No One Right Way A Gathering Place Threadless Basting
When to Cut Your Losses Where do You Store Designs? Uncommon Sewing Notions
Books Books Books A Place to Cut Up More Light
It's A Guy Thing No Mistakes in Sewing Chill Out
Questions, I've Got Questions! Sew Much to Sew Sew Little Time Waste Not Dusters
Sewing at a Distance Scout Badge Sew-in Got the Number
Color Me What?? Machines to Go Hold it Tight
Needle in a Haystack Universal or Embroidery Needle Blend to Match
Almighty Iron Think Spring Velcro Butt
Make Your Machine Work for You Each One Teach One Hard to Cut?
Foot Fetish Another Faux Stitch Spring Cleaning
Ruffing It Pin Tucking Stray Buttons
Zip Zip the Zipper Foot One For Yourself Curbing the Foot Pedal
What's Your Shank IQ? The Serger Wave Stitch Don't Wait for the Weight
Where Do You Sew? Independent Patterns Sew Fitting
World Play Day A Place for Everything Plus Size Pattern Index
Bobbing the Bobbin Tail What Shall I Do? Missing Some Time:?
More Thread Tails Save A Pattern The Tricky Tape
Seeing Double Blooming Where You Are Planted Let Me Introduce You


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